What’s happening with Space Cadets?

An update on how the efforts to republish Space Cadets are going.

My novel, Space Cadets, was published by Booktrope earlier in 2016, shortly before Booktrope went out of business. The rights to the book reverted to me on June 1, 2016.

My goal is to republish the book — with some changes — as it was always intended to be: the first volume in a new Sci Fi series. The initial aim was to have a number of shorter books making up the story arc, each of which would feel like an episode in a TV show. The book, as originally published was the first two of these episodes.

When Space Cadets is re-released, it will be as I had intended — so expect the first ‘episode’ to be coming soon to a book seller and digital retailer near you! 🙂

Several years after humanity was pulled back from the brink of an all-out nuclear war, the United Nations built a Space Academy. It’s purpose: To ensure that we’d never again face extinction. Space Cadets follows the first African American student accepted into this academy, and her discovery that human extinction is closer than we may think.