From StreetView to SheepView

SheepView1If you’ve ever attended any of my talks, in particular about Geo, you’ll know that my very favorite Google technology is StreetView — a part of Google Maps that allows you to go down to street level and virtually walk around the environment. It’s done using countless millions of pictures, taken by vehicles driving down the streets, and geocoded. It has a wonderful user interface that let’s you explore the world around you — just like you were there.

For example, here’s a famous landmark in my home town of Drogheda, Ireland — it’s called Laurence’s Gate.

You can see all kinds of weird and interesting things in Streetview. It’s a great way to explore the world.

So, when it came time to map the Faroe Islands in the north Atlantic, some enterprising folks realized that while there aren’t that many roads for StreetView vehicles to drive on, there are lots of sheep! So, using the Street View camera loan program, locals have started mapping the island by putting Street View cameras on the back of sheep!

Learn more about the project on the Google Geo developers blog, or check out this surround video taken from the back of a sheep!