Firebase Notifications for iOS with Swift in 4 minutes

Here’s my latest Firecast — where I introduce how easy it is to create an App on iOS (using Swift) that takes advantage of Firebase Notifications. If you aren’t familiar with Firebase Notifications, they’re a great way of helping you re-engage with your users through notifications that can re-launch your app. You don’t need a server infrastructure to do it — you can simply send messages, filtered by analytics if you like, directly from the Firebase console. It’ll take just 4 minutes of your time…check it out!

Built on Firebase Cloud Messaging and the FCM SDK, Firebase Notifications (Notifications) provides an option for developers and organizations seeking a flexible notification platform that requires minimal coding effort to get started, and a graphical console for sending messages. Using the Notifications console GUI, you can reengage and retain your userbase, foster app growth, and support marketing campaigns.