I’m speaking at GDG Devfest Dublin on October 22

googleirelandGDG Dev Fest comes to Google Ireland’s offices on October 22. I’ll be speaking on Firebase, doing a lap around the platform, and showing an app that I’m working on and how it uses some Firebase technology such as the Realtime Database, Remote Config and more.

Also there will be Bret McGowen and Sara Robinson from the Google Cloud team to talk about Machine learning and how to easily leverage it in your apps.  Still on Cloud, we’ll also have David Gonzalez talking about Kubernetes and how you can scale microservices using it. Should be fascinating! To learn more about the event, and keep in track with where and when tickets will be available, keep an eye on the GDG Dublin Google+ page here.

Hope to see you in Dublin’s fair city where the code is so pretty, and I first set my eyes on a C64….