A sneak peek at the Firebase Dev Summit


The Firebase Dev Summit is on 7 November 2016 at Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Here are a few sneak peeks of the full-day agenda which will include sessions, office hours, and codelabs:

  • Keynote: Ben Galbraith, head of product and developer relations at Google’s Developer Product Group, James Tamplin, Firebase co-founder, and Francis Ma, lead Firebase Product Manager, will break exciting new product announcements.
  • Developing Rock Solid Apps with Firebase: App quality is one of the main factors that drives user retention and subsequently, higher revenues. Engineering Lead Justin Broughton and Product Manager Ali Abdelhadi will deep dive into Firebase Test Lab and Crash Reporting. Learn how it’s easier than ever to onboard, and tackle issues on devices that you don’t even have. See how you can constantly stay on top of issues in production, reproduce them with little effort, and minimize the time it takes to fix them. Then we’ll show you how to make sure those problems never happen again!
  • Growth Hacking with Firebase: I will be speaking alongside Engineering Lead Francesco Nerieri and Product Manager Steve Ganem know that while building a great app can be a difficult task, growing it can be even harder. In this session you’ll learn about how the Firebase suite uses Analytics combined with technologies like Firebase Dynamic Links, Invites, and Notifications to give you a set of tools that helps you grow your user base. Come see how Growth Hacking can be real, and not just a fancy term!
  • Developing Mobile Apps without Infrastructure: Engineers Frank van Puffelen, Thomas Bouldin, and Kat Fang will show how easy it is to develop without running your own servers by live-coding an app on stage using the core Firebase back-end services, and maybe even some new features (shhh…).
  • More sessions to be announced soon!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!