This week in #Firebase – October 14

Welcome again to this weekly summary of great stuff that’s happening in the Firebase firebase_logo_shotcommunity. If you have any great posts, articles, videos, samples or blogs that you’d like highlighted, just reach out to me and I’ll cover it in a future column.

Firebase Summit News:

First up this week is a bunch of updated material on the November 7 Firebase Summit in Berlin. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content, including a talk that I’ll be doing on Growth Hacking with Firebase.

Firebase Blog Posts:

On the Official Firebase blog there was a great new article by Nicolas Garnier on Authenticating Firebase users with Instagram!

Todd Kerpelman also put together a great post on using Firebase Remote Config to better understand your user base.

Google Maps APIs

The folk on the Google Maps teams also put together a really cool sample on Collaborative Realtime Mapping with Firebase. Well worth your time to check it out!

NPM and Firebase

On NPM a new set of components to use Firebase with Redux called react-redux-firebase was released.

Also an early set of libraries for connecting Firebase Auth to AWS Cognito. Haven’t tried them myself, but it sounds useful!

On the Firebase Channel

Last, but not least — Mike McDonald put out a great show on Firebase Security Rules. Check it out here:

You can post questions for this show on Social Media using the #AskFirebase hashtag. Oh, and you might know who next week’s host is…