Learn #Firebase in a Weekend with #Udacity!

You’ve probably heard about Firebase, and you’ve probably wondered if you have time to try it out. Your day is packed, you have deadlines, bugs to fix, family time to spend, and can’t help but wonder if it’s worth learning yet another new technology…

I get you.

And that’s why we designed this course: Firebase in a Weekend. It’s free, and on Udacity.com’s web site. In just a couple of days you’ll hit all of the big technology areas in Firebase — all while building a real-time chat app. And I promise you’ll be much better at that than I am at cooking barbeque….

I’m one of the instructors, and I absolutely love Udacity’s format. It’s very socratic and interactive, meaning that you’re learning all the time, and not just passively watching videos that you’ll forget later.

I had Coffee with Shanea King Roberson, the project manager for this, and she gives some great insights as to what you’ll get from the course, and why you might want to do it.

Check it out: