This week in #Firebase – January 20, 2017

It’s been a huge week for the Firebase community.

Let’s start with the great news that Fabric is joining Google!  The goal is to continue along our road of helping you build better apps and grow your business. Details to follow in the coming weeks, but the great work that has been done with Crashlytics will augment the work we’ve already done in this area with Firebase Crash Reporting. It’s a great time to be a developer!

I discovered a great couple of articles on KielDev’s blog — check them out on using Firebase with Angular,  continuing into Storing Data in Firebase and Querying Firebase. Nice work!

On the Official Firebase Blog, amidst all of the Fabric excitement, you may have missed a great article from iOS guru Todd Kerpelman on Firebase Remote Config Loading Strategies. If you’ve ever attended any of my talks, you know how much I geek out about Remote Config. It’s an amazingly simple, yet super powerful technology. Well worth a read. Or, if you prefer, it has a video too. Because you can never have too much Todd.

There’s also a lovely article this week from Coding The Smart Way about Vue.js and Firebase, where they lead you through building a single page web application using Firebase!

Talentica had a great blog post on Firebase Cloud Messaging. It’s a nice tutorial, even more detailed than mine! Nice work!

Javebratt also had a super post on validating forms with Firebase. I’ll have to work on that one right away 🙂

At the risk of overwhelming you with great content, here’s another must-read: Gary Simon’s post on creating an angular authentication app with Firebase. Nice!

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