This week in #Firebase – January 27, 2017

Google I/O 2017

Lots of great updates for you this week, starting with the announcement that Google I/O 2017 will be back at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View from May 17 to 19. We teased it with some puzzles on the Firebase and Google Developers twitter accounts, but you all figured it out way too quickly. We’ll have to make the puzzles harder next time! There’s no details on talks, schedule, content yet…we’re working hard on it. I’ll be back speaking again this year, but hopefully not the 5 sessions I did last year. Nearly killed me! 🙂

Novoda Office Hours

Super Cool is that the folks at Novoda have been hosting a monthly hangout and office hours to chat about Firebase and help other developers with questions and issues. My heroes! I’m in London in April. Let’s meet up! 🙂

Open Source iOS Messenger App

For iOS Developers, there’s a really neat new app from Chat SDK — a full open-source mobile messenger built in Swift and Objective-C. Nice work, folks!

Great Tutorials

The folks over at APPCODA have built a really nice tutorial in using Facebook Login with Firebase in iOS apps. Definitely worth checking out. I had wanted to write a tutorial about this myself, but they beat me to it. Nice work! In fact, there’s a tonne of great content on their site, so even if you aren’t interested in Facebook, it’s worth checking them out.

I missed this one when it was published, but it’s definitely worth checking out this week — a Medium article by @Miqubel about mastering Firebase Notifications. Cool stuff.

From the Official Channel

On the Official Firebase channel on YouTube, Frank van Puffelen (aka puf) gave us our first #AskFirebase in a couple of months. And given that he’s a StackOverflow legend, naturally he answered a tonne of questions from SO users. Nice work Frank! Check it out:

Also this week, a new series about Pirate Metrics with Firebase starring yours truly and Piratey Guru Parul Soi started rolling out on YouTube. I’ll have a separate post about this show next week. Enjoy!

The always-awesome Doug Stevenson (and I’m not just saying that because I want to go on his YouTube show, honest) continues sharing his wisdom on Firebase Test Lab and the power that it gives you in testing your Android Apps in a new blog post on the official Firebase Blog: Customize your Firebase Test Lab Robo tests.

Get in Touch!

And that’s it for the roundup this week…if you’ve any questions or suggestions for future summaries, post them below, or reach out to me on Twitter!