Change my Lights over the web with #Firebase Cloud Messaging

For a bit of fun, go visit this site:

Pick a couple of colors, and click ‘Send Now’. You’ll change the lights in my home office to those colors. I’ve lots of patriotic colors with friends in China making them Red+Yellow, Sweden making them Blue+Yellow and Australia making them Green+Yellow.

Odd that Yellow is such a patriotic color around the world. But I like how it looks on a lightbulb!

This was built using Android and Firebase Cloud Messaging. The webcam is a little primitive, so sometimes goes offline. If it’s broken, check back later, as I usually have to reboot it a couple of times a day.

At some point I’ll blog about how to build it. Do note that it doesn’t scale right now — messages are directly sent to the bulbs, so it might get overloaded. Another blog on my todo list is to implement a queue in Firebase that your request will get added to, and then the bulbs will be set in queue order or something like that….