Understand #Firebase Authentication in 15 minutes or less

One of the technologies I’m delighted to work on at Google is Firebase Auth, and in doing so I’ve been learning just how complex good authentication systems can be, from a user management perspective. There’s lots of little gotchas that would take hundreds or thousands of hours of development and testing to catch them all. So I’ve been working on a video series to highlight what some of them are, and how we’ve been building open source code to help you get around them because secure apps and secure sites are better for us all.

Watch these three videos — it will take less than 15 minutes of your time, and I think you can learn a lot from them!

Here’s the first video, where I talk about choosing the right auth technology for your app or site:

Then, in the other videos I talk about some of the technologies that are available for you to use Firebase auth for user flows on the web:

Finally, I played with using the FirebaseUI Auth technology on Android to show how building complex sign-in flows has been made easy for you.

Check it out here:


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