This week in #Firebase – February 24, 2017

It’s been a busy week in #Firebase, but before we delve into some of the great content around the web, I have a couple of public service announcements:
It’s not to late to get in on the fun of Google Cloud Next 2017. I’m going for a personal record of three talks in one day on March 9. Hope to see you there! Register now and receive up to $1000 in Cloud Credit!

Some Firebase folks will be at the Illinois college hackathon this weekend. Drop by and say ‘hi’, and get hacking!

Okay, onto the updates:

The folks at game dev academy are showing you how to build a Pokemon Go style game, and in part 4 they use Firebase as their framework fro auth and online storage. Nice!

Ivan Karajas wrote an article on building real-time collaboration for your apps using Firebase.

On the topic of authentication, Samuel Overton wrote a great piece for iOS Engineers on what it’s all about, using Firebase Authentication as his basis.

Cleverroad brilliantly blogged a tour of the major features of Firebase!

An interview with Firebase Max Henderson at FIU news.

SD Times listed Firebase as one of the 10 project tools every development team could use!

Codebean created an instagram-like photo feed in Firebase! Great! . Indeed, she has produced many Firebase videos. Check out her channel for lots of iOS Firebase goodness.

Some great tips from Paul Breslin on using Firebase.

And Ezequiel Reyno knocks it out of the park again with his feature on Real-Time database using AngularJS

Official Channels

I’ve been busy this week, blogging on Email Verification in Firebase Auth, as well as preparing a talk for Google Cloud Next, with some of the Firebase talks being highlighted by James Tamplin in this blog post.

The latest episode in my Pirate Metrics series with Parul Soi went online. You can see it here:

The great #AskFirebase series continues with @puf answering questions from Stack Overflow.

And if you didn’t have enough of me, I also release a video this week on Firebase Auth UI on Android:

…and another on Place Detection using the places API, where you can meet my virtual friend Alyssa talking about a game I’ve been working on that uses Firebase on the backend.

That’s it from a very busy week! See you next time! 🙂