This Week in #Firebase : March 17, 2017 : Happy St Paddy’s Day!

Given that it’s Paddy’s day, here’s today’s Irish Gaelic Lesson: Lá Fhéile Pádraig go shona dhuit!
Okay, onto Firebase:

Around the Web

Lots of updates today, given the huge interest in Cloud Functions for Firebase! But let’s start with a great article on uploading pictures for Firebase Storage using ionic from Jorge Vergara! Fun stuff!

A pretty cool open source library to use Firebase in React Native on Github from Salakar. Nice work.

Really interesting article on hackernoon about how Firebase was born! Interesting read, even for us Googlers! 🙂

If you’re going to be at Chicago Roboto in April, Nitya Narasimhan will be presenting ‘From Interactions to Insights: Data-Driven Development with Firebase Analytics‘. Sounds like fun. have a course on Vue.js and Firebase — building single page web apps.

A nice video tutorial from Samin Ali Mondal on Firebase Authentication with Email and Password. Check it out.

Cloud Functions for Firebase Roundup

Rebecca Franks wrote an amazing article on sending push notifications with Cloud Functions for Firebase for her electricity monitoring app. 

Mahmoud AlyuDeen also wrote about Serverless Notifications with Cloud Functions for Firebase. Great article.

A great curated set of Cloud Functions for Firebase samples from Definitely bookmark this one.

Official Channels

Learn how to Profile performance of the Realtime Database from Tyler Rockwood.

Multiply the power of Firebase Storage with Mike McDonald.

Learn how to get started with Firebase Crash Reporting on iOS with Todd Kerpelman.

And of course, get a sumamry of how Cloud Functions for Firebase works in just a couple of minutes: