This Week in #Firebase: March 31, 2017

This week some of the first sessions at #io17 were announced, including many of the #Firebase ones. You can see the schedule here.

Two of my sessions have been published:

Pirate Metrics in Firebase where Parul Soi and I will bring our YouTube series to the stage, which a couple of new surprises!

And another in Hands-On Advice in using Firebase Growth technologies to build your user base, alongside Franceso Nerieri and Alex Geboff.

Around the Community

Before going further, check out ‘Best of Firebase‘ on twitter! They’re doing a great community roundup too! Nice work to all of you! They have a newsletter at Subscribed!

Frank Lin created a really cool comment system for web sites using Firebase! And he made it look easy.

A great article from Adson Rocha on Medium about building a chat with Ionic 2 and Firebase

Mobilize wrote about how to build great developer communities, and used Firebase as an example. Not sure about the guy they interviewed, but the content is great! 😉

One of my favorite technologies in Firebase is Remote Config. 9 Series did a great article on getting started with it!

A question we get a lot is how one can flatten their database structure to use the Firebase Realtime database. Rahat Khanna put together a tips and tricks article for this. Nice work!

How about some Push Notifications for iOS using React Native and Firebase Cloud Messaging? Done brilliantly by Thomas Wolfe!

I definitely need to learn more Angular, and after seeing what Milosz Piechocki did to build a Serverless app with Angular 2 and Firebase, I’ll need to double down! Great stuff.

Official Channels

On the Firebase YouTube channel, my video on using Firebase Hosting was published. Here I show you how you can create a web site with an Open Seadragon based deep zoom experience quickly and easily using FH.

On the Blog, Diego Giorgini wrote about Using Firebase Cloud Messaging with Android O. Cool stuff!

And last but not least by a long shot: Abe Haskins knocked it out of the park with an article on scheduling Cron jobs with Cloud Functions for Firebase.