Equilibrium:(De)Construction celebration giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Equilibrium:(De)Construction, and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the movie, I’m giving away free eBooks of my popular novels “The Fourth World“, “The Million Year Journey“, “The Legend of the Locust” and “Space Cadets“.

All you have to do it buy a copy of the comic book, either in physical or ebook form, answer one question (to prove that you have the book) and then either review the book on Amazon, or use social media to share you holding a copy of the book (can be the eBook on a tablet or phone, too!)

Once you have the book, fill out this form.

Your eBooks will be emailed to you shortly afterwards, if the answer to the question is correct, of course!

The rest of the Equilibrium series is also available on Amazon, American Mythology, and from all other good comic book sellers!