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Saving Stargate: One page at a time

Before reading my story, please take a moment to check out this great kickstarter from folks that are working super hard to keep Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe alive. It’s a group of extremely talented writers and artists…and they need your help! Disclaimer: I’m not directly involved with this project, other than working with some of

Fermi’s Paradox: A Graphic Novel

As well as working on the prequel to the movie Equilibrium in comic book form, I’ve been writing my own — called ‘Fermi’s Paradox’, which I hope to release in late summer on Comixology (or if any publishers are interested, give me a call!) Here are some of the panels from the book. No text

My Firebase Book : Coming Soon

I’ve been working on a book on Firebase — called “The Definitive Guide to Firebase” — with the wonderful folks at APress. In this I’m focussing on the Android platform but many of the concepts learned will be available to all Firebase developers. You can learn more about it on it’s Amazon Pre-Order page here.

#WeNeedDiverseBooks and my writing

The #WeNeedDiverseBooks hashtag on twitter is a very important one. But I have to wonder, when people ask for diverse books, what are they really asking for? I’ve seen some folks simply be satisfied by having more characters of color, or more women in Sci Fi. But that’s not enough. It’s my honest belief that

The Light of Another Star

Given the announcement today of an Earth-like planet being discovered around Proxima Centauri, I wanted to share a chapter from my upcoming book, the second in the ‘Frontier’ series, and follow up to ‘The Space Cadets‘. In this Chapter, the first African American Space Cadet, Aisha Parks, along with her co-pilots Soo-Kyung Kim (North Korea)

New Render: Aisha Parks

Aisha Parks is the first African American girl admitted to the elite space academy in my novel ‘Space Cadets’ As I work on republishing the book, I am doing some test renders for how I envisage the characters. Here’s one of Aisha. Let me know what you think! 🙂 You can see the full res