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Simple Firebase API for verifying your Email users

Firebase Auth offers a wealth of options for user identity and authentication. In this video I show you how Email verification works in Firebase — so when a user decides to identify themselves using an email address, you have an automatic workflow for Firebase sending them a verification email containing a link that they click

Hands-on with Firebase Grow Technologies

Firebase is a platform for building and growing great apps and web sites. Effective growth isn’t a lottery ticket — it’s a strategy of using technology to build and retain your user base. At Google IO this year, I was joined onstage by the immensely talented Alex Geboff to do a session where instead of

Introducing Firebase Phone Auth

When Firebase was first released, it came with a number of authentication schemes: You could build an app for email & password authentication (iOS, Android, Web), where the user provides you with basic details — and Firebase would manage signing in using those as their identity. You could also build using federated identity where, instead

3 minutes to understand #Firebase Auth and beyond!

There’s a wealth of technologies out there for providing identity and authentication in your sites and apps. Google offers a suite of products to let your users sign in and identify with your apps. As a developer there are lots of options, including: Firebase Auth Smart Lock for Passwords Google Sign In OAuth …and more