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Taking StreetView to the Stars

I’ve always said that StreetView is one of my favorite Google technologies. The possibilities to visit other places and experience what they look like from the comfort of one’s own desk are simply amazing. I’ve researched locations for my books with StreetView, planned holidays, hikes and outings. And now — now I can get a

Saving Stargate: One page at a time

Before reading my story, please take a moment to check out this great kickstarter from folks that are working super hard to keep Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe alive. It’s a group of extremely talented writers and artists…and they need your help! Disclaimer: I’m not directly involved with this project, other than working with some of

My #Windows8 work at CES

5 years ago today, Microsoft showed off Windows 8 at the CES keynote. How times have changed. Thanks to Facebook’s dig-up-the-past option, I just rediscovered this blurry screengrab off the live stream!