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Understanding the Geolocation API in 4 minutes

Here’s a video I shot a couple of weeks back that teaches you about trilateration to get a fix on your location in the world without using GPS. It talks about the Google Geolocation APIs, but also the Free Space Patch Length technique for understanding distance based on radio frequency signal strength. Check it out…

Fun with #Firebase and #Python

Recently I’ve been working on building a little robot for my Google Cloud Next talk about Geolocation.  The robot is built around a Raspberry Pi board, and he will be roving around, autonomously figuring his way around whatever space he’s put it, figuring out his latitude and longitude — without using GPS — and then

Geocasts: Learn how to build for Google Maps

I’ve been working with Ankur Kotwal for a few weeks on a new YouTube series called GeoCasts, where we take a look at the variety of things you can do with maps in your apps. We’ve scripted and filmed a few episodes already, but the first to be released to the intertubes is this terrific