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Taking StreetView to the Stars

I’ve always said that StreetView is one of my favorite Google technologies. The possibilities to visit other places and experience what they look like from the comfort of one’s own desk are simply amazing. I’ve researched locations for my books with StreetView, planned holidays, hikes and outings. And now — now I can get a

Hands-on with Firebase Grow Technologies

Firebase is a platform for building and growing great apps and web sites. Effective growth isn’t a lottery ticket — it’s a strategy of using technology to build and retain your user base. At Google IO this year, I was joined onstage by the immensely talented Alex Geboff to do a session where instead of

Fermi’s Paradox: A Graphic Novel

As well as working on the prequel to the movie Equilibrium in comic book form, I’ve been writing my own — called ‘Fermi’s Paradox’, which I hope to release in late summer on Comixology (or if any publishers are interested, give me a call!) Here are some of the panels from the book. No text

Tips for Avoiding #Phishing Scams

You’ve probably heard of Phishing — the concept of sending an email that contains a link or an attachment that leads you to a web site with a counterfeit sign in screen, where you enter your credentials, only for the owner of that site to get your user name and password, which they can then