Equilibrium: (De) Construction

I’ve written a prequel to the 2002 movie Equilibrium, called (De) Construction, which will be in all good comic stores in August, 2017. It’s a one-shot comic, but has a trapdoor in the story that could lead to sequels should it sell well enough! This is for the 15th anniversary of that cult classic, starring Christian Bale, and I’m really proud of this story!

The Story: Before Libria. Before Prozium. Before the Grammaton Clerics, there was a world much like our own. A world where a global conspiracy to reduce mankind’s footprint on the environment clashed with the security agencies of global powers, desperate to maintain their control. Between them: one man, supplying them the weapons they desire, and one woman whose talents will (de) construct civilization. This is the untold story of the war that brought about the world of Equilibrium. I’m ecstatic to work with the immensely talented Jazz De La Cuesta on the internal art.

You can learn more about the comic on Previews World here.

The Publisher: I’m delighted to work with American Mythology comics, whose mission it is to create 21st century comics and animation for a new generation of readers. Learn more about them, and sign up for their newsletter here. I’ve been working with legends in the comic book industry at American Mythology, and hoping you enjoy what we’ve produced!

The Covers:

Equilibrium: (De) Construction will come with 3 amazing covers. See if you can collect them all! (Click to see full size cover)