I’m Keynoting Droidcon Vienna

I’m super excited to be in Vienna this September to keynote Droidcon Vienna! droidcon Vienna will feature more than 20 sessions in three parallel tracks, with over fifteen hours of high-quality content. I’m going to be keynoting to talk about Firebase and how to build mobile apps, grow them, and earn from them! I’m really

Soo-Kyung Kim – North Korean Space Cadet

Latest character design for Soo-Kyung Kim — star of my novel ‘Space Cadets’ You can see the full-res image here. Several years after humanity was pulled back from the brink of an all-out nuclear war, the United Nations built a Space Academy. It’s purpose: To ensure that we’d never again face extinction. Space Cadets follows

Coffee with a Googler: Fatima Otori

Learn about Google Cloud Launcher over Coffee with Fatima Otori! I met with the wonderful Fatima Otori from the Google Cloud Platform team to talk about Google Cloud Launcher — a technology that lets you build solutions on Google Cloud Platform with full software stacks in just a few clicks. She demonstrates how, with just

Google IO 2016: Maps Developer Experience

Ankur Kotwal and I had a great time doing a talk on Streamlining developer experiences with the Google Maps APIs – Google I/O 2016 The Google Maps APIs provide a seamless experience for developers of all levels. Some want to offer a map or navigation but don’t want to build these things themselves; this can

Firebase Notifications: Get Started

Here’s one of my firecast videos on how to send notification messages to your users using Firebase Notifications on Android. Once you set up your development environment, you can send notifications right away, and these will be received in the system tray! Find out more at http://goo.gl/fuOysS Read about it in our blog: http://firebase.googleblog.com Add