This Week in #Firebase : March 17, 2017 : Happy St Paddy’s Day!

Given that it’s Paddy’s day, here’s today’s Irish Gaelic Lesson: Lá Fhéile Pádraig go shona dhuit!
Okay, onto Firebase:

Around the Web

Lots of updates today, given the huge interest in Cloud Functions for Firebase! But let’s start with a great article on uploading pictures for Firebase Storage using ionic from Jorge Vergara! Fun stuff!
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This Week in #Firebase – March 10, 2017 – Cloud Functions for Firebase FTW!

Cloud Functions for Firebase

This week in Firebase is dominated by the beta launch of one of the coolest aspects of Firebase — Cloud Functions for Firebase. Almost every time I speak about Firebase, someone asks me if there’s any way they can add some intelligence to their database backend…when a field hits a value, can I trigger an event? Send a message with FCM? While codeless middleware is awesome, sometimes I need a little logic to add value, I don’t want to write it on my client, and I don’t want to manage a backend for it, so what do I do?
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This Week in #Firebase – March 3, 2017

Welcome to this week in #Firebase, March 3, 2017! Before getting into the good stuff from the community and official channels, don’t forget to check out Google Cloud Next coming next week! There’ll be lots of great content from Cloud, Firebase, Geo, Machine Learning and more! If you’re around, drop by my Firebase session! If you can’t be there, check out the various Extended events around the world!

Let’s start with looking at some articles on Auth, and how Firebase Auth makes it really easy for you to integrate identity and federated identity into your app:


Jorge Vergara (@javebratt) put together an excellent piece on Ionic and Firebase Auth for Google Sign In. Check it out.

And while I can’t read Thai, the screenshots and source code is enough to help understand integrating Facebook sign in with Firebase. Nice work by Kamonpop Panwongtong here. Nice that he included a sample app hosted by Firebase Hosting so you can try it live!

Firebase UI is an open source project on GitHub that has lots of great auth flow management built-in to save you time. Here’s a great article on showing you how to use it.

Xinyustudio event built a Unity3d tutorial for Authorization and login with Firebase. This follows on from their Basics and Setup for Firebase and Unity3D. Great stuff. I really gotta learn Unity one of these days. 🙂

Another thing I really need to learn (I know, the list is growing) is Angular, and here Srinivas Tamada teaches us how to do use Firebase Auth with Angular.

Speaking of learning, Ryan Boddy posted on his first experience with Firebase. Encouraging feedback, thanks Ryan!


On YouTube, Mitch Tabian put a nice video together on how to do Push Notifications!

And while you’re there — check out Traversy Media’s channel — where they have a really cool 6 part series on Angular 2 and Firebase.

Simplified Coding also have some videos on using the Firebase Realtime Database. Adding them to my playlist now 🙂

Official Channels

It’s been a busy week on the official blog and youtube channel.

First up: My article on updates to Firebase Notifications, and how you have new tools for more granular ways to reach your userbase.

Analytics in Firebase are super useful — and this article by Steve Ganem about Realtime Analytics for Everyone is well worth a few minutes of your time.

On the Unity theme (did I mention I need to learn Unity?) Stewart Miles put together an article on Supercharging your games with Firebase, Unity and C++

By the way, Google Developers started a monthly newsletter. Check it out here.

More Unity with Abe’s great video on Getting Started with Firebase for Unity.

Meet Alex Geboff, coder extraordinaire on #MeetFirebase this week. One of my favorite shows on YouTube. Next week’s episode will be the best ever, though 😉

One of my favorite technologies in Firebase is Remote Config. In this video Todd shows you how to get started with it in iOS and Swift. Yay!

Check out the entire channel on YouTube.




Fun with #Firebase and #Python

Recently I’ve been working on building a little robot for my Google Cloud Next talk about Geolocation.  The robot is built around a Raspberry Pi board, and he will be roving around, autonomously figuring his way around whatever space he’s put it, figuring out his latitude and longitude — without using GPS — and then storing the results in Firebase. Being linux-based, I decided to use Python for the Firebase connectivity, and as such have learned a bit about how to use this super simple language and this super simple backend to connect to the firebase backend-as-a-service.

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GeoCasts – Build a Place Based Experience with Places API and #Firebase

In my spare time I’ve been working on a party game for Android where you can pick any 3 locations in the world, give them a code, and then, when you initialize the game with that code, you’ll help rescue a scientist, Alyssa, who is trapped in an alternate dimension. The interactive story has her guide you to three locations where your dimension overlaps with hers, where you can help her fix her interdimensional machine and get home.
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This week in #Firebase – February 24, 2017

It’s been a busy week in #Firebase, but before we delve into some of the great content around the web, I have a couple of public service announcements:
It’s not to late to get in on the fun of Google Cloud Next 2017. I’m going for a personal record of three talks in one day on March 9. Hope to see you there! Register now and receive up to $1000 in Cloud Credit!

Some Firebase folks will be at the Illinois college hackathon this weekend. Drop by and say ‘hi’, and get hacking!
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Understand #Firebase Authentication in 15 minutes or less

One of the technologies I’m delighted to work on at Google is Firebase Auth, and in doing so I’ve been learning just how complex good authentication systems can be, from a user management perspective. There’s lots of little gotchas that would take hundreds or thousands of hours of development and testing to catch them all. So I’ve been working on a video series to highlight what some of them are, and how we’ve been building open source code to help you get around them because secure apps and secure sites are better for us all.

Watch these three videos — it will take less than 15 minutes of your time, and I think you can learn a lot from them!
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This week in #Firebase – February 17, 2017

It’s been Valentine’s week, so let’s start This Week in Firebase with that most romantic of statements — the promise.

In this case though it isn’t a promise of eternal devotion or love, but this really awesome article by Jorge Vergara on promises in JavaScript, and using them with Firebase. Great angle!

The type of feedback I love the most is the honest, detailed, feedback that comes from a place of authenticity. With that in mind, this article by Paul Breslin is priceless. He tells us about his experiences with Firebase — 9 months in. Great stuff. Thanks, Paul. Like any other software, Firebase is constantly evolving, and it’s with feedback like yours we will continue to improve it.

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