Equilibrium:(De)Construction celebration giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Equilibrium:(De)Construction, and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the movie, I’m giving away free eBooks of my popular novels “The Fourth World“, “The Million Year Journey“, “The Legend of the Locust” and “Space Cadets“. All you have to do it buy a copy of the comic book, either in physical or

Taking StreetView to the Stars

I’ve always said that StreetView is one of my favorite Google technologies. The possibilities to visit other places and experience what they look like from the comfort of one’s own desk are simply amazing. I’ve researched locations for my books with StreetView, planned holidays, hikes and outings. And now — now I can get a

Saving Stargate: One page at a time

Before reading my story, please take a moment to check out this great kickstarter from folks that are working super hard to keep Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe alive. It’s a group of extremely talented writers and artists…and they need your help! Disclaimer: I’m not directly involved with this project, other than working with some of

Simple Firebase API for verifying your Email users

Firebase Auth offers a wealth of options for user identity and authentication. In this video I show you how Email verification works in Firebase — so when a user decides to identify themselves using an email address, you have an automatic workflow for Firebase sending them a verification email containing a link that they click

Hands-on with Firebase Grow Technologies

Firebase is a platform for building and growing great apps and web sites. Effective growth isn’t a lottery ticket — it’s a strategy of using technology to build and retain your user base. At Google IO this year, I was joined onstage by the immensely talented Alex Geboff to do a session where instead of

Fermi’s Paradox: A Graphic Novel

As well as working on the prequel to the movie Equilibrium in comic book form, I’ve been writing my own — called ‘Fermi’s Paradox’, which I hope to release in late summer on Comixology (or if any publishers are interested, give me a call!) Here are some of the panels from the book. No text

Introducing Firebase Phone Auth

When Firebase was first released, it came with a number of authentication schemes: You could build an app for email & password authentication (iOS, Android, Web), where the user provides you with basic details — and Firebase would manage signing in using those as their identity. You could also build using federated identity where, instead

My Firebase Book : Coming Soon

I’ve been working on a book on Firebase — called “The Definitive Guide to Firebase” — with the wonderful folks at APress. In this I’m focussing on the Android platform but many of the concepts learned will be available to all Firebase developers. You can learn more about it on it’s Amazon Pre-Order page here.